Looking for a Sysadmin or DevOps to Configure and Maintain my servers

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Hi All,

After some analysis we are looking for a sysadmin/devops who can manage these requirements:

  • Configure and secure main server (with ProxMox) and other associated service (like Cloudflare)
  • Automatic Backup of the VPS
  • Automatic Backup of app files & db (right now I do that by committing to github)
  • Admin access to ProxMox for myself
  • A training for VPS template creation under ProxMox with VPS creation from that new template, dedicated IP assignment and any configuration required for that new VPS to make it work.
  • Automatic deployment from a VPS to another (dev to UAT, UAT to prod) with github push, capistrano ?
  • Monthly maintenance/supervision

the server might be https://www.soyoustart.com/fr/commande/soYouStart.xml?reference=1801sys01
Except if we decide together to do otherwise.

Best regards


PS: I unfortunatly don t speak Bulgarian